Amsterdam Red Light District

A place for tourists, however no place to relax

The Red Light District is probably the single most famous place in all of Amsterdam. For the right reasons of course. It is the oldest part of Amsterdam and it is definitely worth the visit. Within the Red Light District, or ‘De Wallen’ as they are called in Dutch, a great variety of sex shops, strip clubs, peep shows, sex theatres and old school Dutch brown cafes will reveal themselves to you.

The Red Light District is home to the famous windows, but the entire district has shifted towards becoming a tourist attraction more and more. Tours are going through the area on a daily basis, and even museums like the Museum of Prostitution, the Erotic Museum and the Museum of Cannabis have established within the Red Light District. The large amount of tourists in the neighbourhood are causing a remarkable shift in the Red Light District’s main purpose while getting with a girl is endlessly less discrete with hundreds of tourists photographing the truly ‘Dutch scene’.

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Let the tourists have the Red Light District

Let us advise you to enjoy the Red Light District as a tourist. Visit the museums, or even have some fun at a peep show or a strip club. But when you are looking for a good night out with some of Amsterdam’s finest girls, don’t go to De Wallen. Come and join our girls at the bar of sex club Golden Key. Our sex club is not located in the overcrowded Red Light District but is just a few hundred meters away from the relaxing Vondelpark.

Fewer girls in the Red Light District, go for a sex club

The Red Light District is transforming almost daily, while the Dutch government has been aiming at changing Amsterdam’s reputation. Fewer and fewer windows are still open, while more and more tourists are showing up each day. Several former prostitutes’ windows at De Wallen have been transformed into exhibition spaces and studios for talented clothing, shoe and street wear designers. As you can imagine, with more people visiting the Red Light District, and fewer girls around the Red Light District just isn’t the ideal place to enjoy the company of a sexy girl anymore. Sex club is starting to sound better and better doesn’t it? This is what you can expect from our sex club.

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Amsterdam Red Light District / Red Light District Amsterdam

Sex club Golden Key in Amsterdam

We have created a Men’s Club in which men can relax, explore and share various sexual desires in a safe, discrete and non-judgmental way. No girls behind windows, no awkward small talk at the window with tourists watching over your shoulder before going into the girls room. Our luxurious bar is fully stocked with your favourite drinks. Whether you just want to have a drink or go a little further, our sex club provides the venue in which you can relax.

Our girls will say hello while you just kick back at the bar. Our girls are truly Amsterdam’s finest and each have their own specialities with which they will definitely rock your world. Within this relaxed setting you will be able to choose the girl of your preferences and join her in one of our private rooms. Naturally our rooms are equipped with a king size bed, a jacuzzi and a top of the line music system. All of this to ensure you have the most amazing night possible.



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